Areas We Cover

Being the experts in the cleaning industry, we specialize in a range of different areas and not just one. We understand all aspects of cleaning and how the needs of our clients vary dependent on the type of property they are having cleaned. We work with clients from residential, commercial and industrial areas as well as provide them with tailor made agreements which suit their professional cleaning requirements. Here we discuss more about the areas we cover for each of the clients we work with on a regular basis.
Our residential clients often have a wide range of areas they need us to look after within their properties. This includes general surface cleaning, appliance cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning and window cleaning. We can provide our clients with these services on a once off basis or on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly agreement. Another popular residential service is a move in and move out clean. This is provided for our clients to ensure that they get their bond back from a past property and provide them with the relevant documentation to prove carpet cleaning has been completed. It is also always a nice option to have a property professionally cleaned before moving into it so that you don’t have to personally scrub it on top of all the work you have put in moving.
Our team at Sunshine Coast Cleaning Services understand that when you are running a business, the presentation of that business matters. Our team provide professional cleaning services for a range of different commercial properties to meet their individual requirements. This includes office cleaning, retail store cleaning, food service spaces as well as a range of others. We provide cleaning services both internally and externally, which will help attract clients to your beautifully clean façade as well as entice them to continue to spend their time within your property.
Working in an industrial environment generally means that you are spending most of your time in some kind of workshop, which generates a lot more cleaning requirements than working in an office would. Our team are trained and skilled in their abilities to remove grease from flooring and surfaces as well as ensuring that all dirt and debris is removed from the working area. This ensures that the employees have a clear area free of obstruction, allowing them to complete their duties efficiently and free from any safety hazards.

Annual Agreements
We provide annual agreements for all areas of the services we provide, which are tailored to the needs of each of our clients. We sit with our clients, establish their needs and frequency for cleaning and from there are able to set out an agreement that is suitable for our clients. By opting for an annual agreement, you will be able to save money on the cost of the services you are receiving through out team of professionals at Sunshine Coast Cleaning Services and still getting the best service.

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