Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is one of the areas within a property that can hide all the nasty germs, bacteria and odours of a property. Having your carpet cleaned on a regular basis can ensure that you are maintaining hygiene standards of your property as well as the visual benefits of having stains removed before the start to accumulate and leave your carpet looking as though it is a patchwork design. Here we will outline the areas in which our team at Sunshine Coast Cleaning Services are able to assist with our professional carpet cleaning services.
Residential Carpet Cleaning
If you are living in a home with carpet, this can feel warm and welcoming and often visually appealing. It does however like to hoard germs and odours within it, especially when we have our four-legged family living with us. Our team are able to effectively remove pet odours as well as stains that come from them and other sources. Another frequently requested service is for carpet cleaning when vacating a rental property. Often this is a requirement and your bond is unable to be released until you are able to prove that it has been professionally cleaned.
Upholstery Cleaning
We spend a lot of time within our property sitting on our upholstery, so naturally this will start to become dirty over time. You may notice that you are getting grease stains on your favourite armchair when your rest your head and arms. This is natural skin oils that are absorbed into fabrics and can cause them to become unsightly. Our team are able to break up this accumulation of oils with our industry specific products to completely remove them along with other stains, odours and hairs. We provide upholstery cleaning for lounge suites, dining chairs and car interiors to assist in removing sweat stains and any accidental grocery spillages before they start to smell. 
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
When running a business, you understand that presentation is key and can play a big role in how both your clients and employees view your business. Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis is an absolute necessity, especially for the high traffic areas that accumulate dirt quickly. Our team are able to work with you to ensure that your carpets are free from stains and hygienically clean, whist also causing little to no disturbance to your business operations.
Protective Measures
As professionals in the cleaning and carpet cleaning industry, we know a lot about the different ways in which our clients are able to contribute to the maintenance of their home. Something that we always recommend to our clients after they have their carpet cleaned is to have a coat of scotch-guard applied. This is a protective layer that will help prevent the immediate absorption of liquids, allowing you tome to clean up the spillage before it becomes and embedded stain within your carpet. We recommend that this is done at least once a year to protect your carpet.

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