Commercial Cleaning

Presentation is key when it comes to business operations, which mean that the standards of cleaning must be immaculate if you are looking to impress your clients with your professionalism. Our team provide support to our local businesses by offering the best in cleaning services within the Sunshine Coast. Here we have outlined some of the areas we provide assistance to our commercial clients to enable them the opportunity to have some of the best presented businesses within our community.
Office Cleaning
Office cleaning is a general requirement to ensure that our workers have a clear space to work in. It has been proved that if working in messy and dirty areas, we are unable to focus on the task at hand as our minds can be overwhelmed with the surrounding clutter. To overcome this issue, our team of professionals at Sunshine Coast Cleaning Services provide our clients with regular office cleaning services which can include surface cleaning, waste removal, floor cleaning as well as a range of other services. We work with our clients to establish their cleaning requirements and frequency to ensure that the presentation standards are kept high.
Steam Cleaning
When working in a commercial setting, it can often be seen that carpet requires cleaning on a much more regular basis as opposed to residential carpet requirements. Due to the heavy traffic flow of commercial operations being employees and clients, there is a much higher exposure to stains within the carpet. Our team provide professional carpet cleaning services that will remove the stains and bring the colour of your carpet back to life. We also offer scotch-guarding services to provide your carpet with extra protection against the high volume of people that are constantly coming through your property.
Display Room Cleaning
If you have a retail store, you are going to want to ensure that your potential clients are able to see the products you have on offer with an unobstructed view. Our team understand the importance of a clean display room which is clear of all dust and dirt. We provide our clients with detailed cleaning services that will ensure that there is not one finger print on any surface once we have completed our assigned task. Our team have become well known within the commercial industry for our speed and ability to provide clients with the best cleaning services in our area.
Window Cleaning
Whether you are working in an office, have a retail shop in a shopping centre or a retail space on the main street, you need to ensure that your windows are kept clean. Our team are skilled at providing streak free, crystal clear window cleaning services for our clients. We understand that the presentation of your business is a reflection of the products and services you provide, which is why we take it on as our duty to ensure that you are able to accurately reflect the quality of your business through your clean property.

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