Industrial Cleaning

Our industrial workshops within our community provide so many brilliant services to our country, that it is only fair that we provide them with the highest quality cleaning services to enable them to retain their productivity. Our team at Sunshine Coast Cleaning Services have become quite well known within the industrial sector due to the level of service we provide for our clients and with minimal disruption to their operations. Here we outline the services we provide for our industrial clients on a regular basis.

Polished Floor Cleaning

Most of the industrial properties we work with have specialized flooring that is suited to industrial operations. This often comes in the form of epoxy, other forms of polished concrete and hardwearing surfaces. To ensure that the industrial properties area able to retain their value as well as clean appearance, our team provide polishing and buffing services to the flooring of these properties. Through our processes and with the skill and knowledge we have of cleaning these areas, we are able to remove stains and provide our client with presentable floors that look near brand new again.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

For our industrial clients who have tile and grout within their properties, our team are able to provide a range of different services that will help to maintain the cleanliness. Sunshine Coast Cleaning Services have a range of different specialist equipment and products that are designed to break up and remove deeply engrained dirt and grease within tiles and grout that are giving an unpleasant and discoloured appearance to your flooring. As grout is a naturally absorbent element, it will take in any liquids it comes into contact with and require regular deep cleaning to keep well presented. To help combat the regular staining of tiles and grout, we both recommend and offer tile and grout sealing services. This will add a protective layer to the surface, making stains easier to wipe away and assist in retaining a cleaner appearance for longer.

Window Cleaning

If you are stuck in a workshop all day, you want to at least be able to have the sun shining through and be able to see out to the blue sky and trees surrounding the property. If you are working in a particularly busy workshop, your windows can become clogged up with dirt quite quickly. Sunshine Coast Cleaning Services provide our clients with detailed window cleaning services to provide them with a clear new outlook and regained sense of energy.

Scheduled Cleaning Agreements

We know that our industrial clients are busy running their businesses and would prefer not to have to think about cleaning if they can avoid it. The good news is that if they arrange an annual cleaning agreement with us, they no longer need to think about cleaning. Our team will be able to attend the workshop and clean the agreed areas on an agreed timetable, saving our clients from needing to remember frequently booking our services.
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