Window Cleaning

Having clean windows can give you a fresh and clear perspective on life when the natural sunlight is able to shine through. Filling your property with sunshine fills your areas with positivity and enables you an unobstructed view out to the natural world around us. Our team at Sunshine Coast Cleaning Services are passionate about giving this gift of light to our clients through our professional servicing of cleaning their windows. We provide these services for residential, commercial and industrial clients as well as offer annual agreements at discounted service costs.
When we are busy in our home, it is nice to be able to look out to the flowers in our yard, see when the postman drops off our mail or keep an eye on the kids playing with the dog in the back yard. Having dirty windows can make our home feel as though it is unclean, which can often not be the case. Our team provide our clients with thorough window cleaning services which can include the cleaning of the window frames and screens upon request for our clients who are looking for a more intensive clean.
Running a business means that you need to focus on a range of different things all at the same time. One of the most important areas to focus on when operating a business is the impression that you are giving to your clients. First impressions count, which means that you want to ensure that you have a clean fa├žade. Our team provide our commercial clients with streak free regular cleaning services as well as emergency cleans, for when you have been the victim of vandalism and do not want this to be reflected upon your business and affect your daily operations.
Industrial properties are more prone to having dirty windows as the inside of the property is typically a workshop and the surrounding areas outside are typically not as heavily landscaped as residential and commercial properties. Our team provide our industrial clients with complete building window cleaning which includes both the interior and exterior of the windows. This will ensure that you are able to have sun shining into the building, providing your hard workers with some natural light which is sure to pick up their spirits and increase their productivity, especially when they are able to see birds chirping through the window.
Annual Agreements
Window cleaning is a reoccurring maintenance requirement for all properties, which is why it makes sense for many of our clients to opt for an annual agreement with multiple window cleaning services incorporated. By securing a number of window cleans throughout the year, we are able to offer our clients a reduced rate, which is often quite appealing for them. We provide our professional advice on when we believe the best times of the year is for you to have your windows cleaned and are able to set out a rough schedule for your cleans which is flexible.

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